Spud Lite is a potato variety that offers you a fresh and ‘lite’ taste of 25% less carbs than the average potato.

Spud Lite is a golden, creamy potato bursting with nutrition, Spud Lite is super tasty and incredibly easy to prepare. Providing a light, creamy and non-earthy flavour when mashed and a crisp, crunchy, soft pillow texture when roasted or fried, it’s versatility makes it the complete all-rounder.

Spud Lite is a potato variety that has come from natural cross pollination without any genetic modification. The growing period is 20 – 30% shorter than most other varieties, which means it needs less maintenance and feeding. It has also consistently shown that it has a longer shelf life than many other popular potato varieties – meaning less greening and less wastage. Spud Lite is exclusive to us, helping bring back the potatoes to it’s original glory.

Spud Lite is grown in the heart of the Murray Mallee region in South Australia.

A further addition to the Spud Lite family is the small version packed with the same amount of nutrition and taste, the Baby Spud Lite’s. Baby Spud Lite alike Spud Lite is 25% less in carbs that the average potato and are great to use in plenty of recipes that you will find below.

Spud Lite line

Spud Lite potatoes are now available at select Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets with more to be added soon. Ask for them at your local supermarket.

Spud Lite available at Woolworths Supermarkets
Spud Lite available at Coles Supermarkets