Zerella Fresh

Zerella Fresh provides the freshest produce from Australia’s paddocks to the plates of everyday, hardworking Australians, everyday, all year round.

Zerella Produce

Potatoes and carrots are harvested and washed 6 to 7 days per week, every week of the year. We do this by utilising many different growing regions, making sure that produce is harvested at its peak freshness without the need to ground store.

They are then washed, cooled and packed, ready for despatch within hours of harvesting each day. Onions are harvested and graded at their peak condition, and optimally stored ready for packing and despatch. Produce is delivered across the country and overseas, utilising modern refrigerated transport, ensuring timely delivery and a continuous cold chain.


Zerella Fresh is committed to reliable year round supply of the freshest available produce without the need for ground storage.

To deliver these commitments, We work with a number of farmers in many growing regions throughout Australia to take advantage of different seasons plus local climatic and soil conditions.

Packing Facilities

Our packaging facility is located onsite at Virginia. Horticulture is the main activity of the region, and Virginia is an ideal location to supply the Adelaide wholesale market and major distribution centres. Interstate markets of Melbourne and Sydney are supplied overnight, and Brisbane and Perth within two days.


Zeralla Fresh produce is harvested.

Potatoes and Carrots arrive to the washer to be triple-washed, gently brushed and graded. Onions are now graded and packed on the farm.

Once graded the produce is ready for the transportation, heading to markets and distribution centres within cities around Australia.

DAY 2-4

Depending on the location of the market or distribution centre the Zerella Fresh produce will then be delivered to your closest store.

Upon arrival at your store, the shelves are stocked ready for you to take Home and dish up to the family.

Thats it! The freshest produce from Paddock to Plate.